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From Gem
Sent 21 March 2006 10:08:54
Subject Baby Thomas

I love this website Vicky. As you know, I lost what would have been our second baby at the weekend. I was only 3 months pregnant but it has devastated me deeply and I know I can talk to you about this, as you've been through it more than you should have had to.

Thanks for letting me put up this message. I just feel very flat (and still in denial). I want to wear my new maternity jeans and continue to feel blooming. I think the only thing I can do is to concentrate on getting better and then try again. This baby wasn't planned but it's made us realise how much we want another now.

Much love Gem xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Kellie
Sent 22 March 2006 10:23:54
Subject Baby Thomas

I am just so sorry for your loss'.

My little girl Bianca was stillborn 23 june 2004. She was 40 weeks gestation and with no cause. It still really hurts. I have since had twins girls, Alexandra and Amara they were born 21 august 2005. But I still feel so empty.

Please feel free to visit,

Please take care Hugs kellie

From Cathy
Sent 22 March 2006 16:24:16  
Subject Baby Thomas

A little angel lent not given to be born on earth and grow in Heaven xxx

From  Vickie Ehrlekrona
Sent  23 March 2006 02:30:24
Subject Baby Thomas

Vicky and Magnus,

I spent much time on Thomas'site. What a special little boy he was to have a family that loved him so much. I can't imagine your loss. With every entry I can read your pain, and I can only hope that in time your pain will ease through the joy of you sweet Milly.

"Darling Baby Thomas it is so very obvious you are loved". May your family have many, many happy years together united in your love for a precious baby boy.

God Bless. Vickie E. Montana, USA

From  Aleshia Marie Francis
Sent  23 March 2006 16:32:03
Subject Baby Thomas

Your story has touched me. It just puts so many things into perspective. There is so much going around in my head that I want to say, but just not sure how to say them.

From Melissa Kinner
Sent 24 March 2006 13:03:07
Subject Baby Thomas

Melisa my baby girl ,stillborn 14 years ago, my heart still aches for you, l only got to hold you for a short time and I have have such few photos of you, I never stop thinking of you after alll these years, you where my first born and I love you so much, I wish I could have you back with me I miss you. I'll see you one day in heaven swetheart,

All my love your Mummy and Daddy and brothers

From  Keeley Tunstall
Sent  27 March 2006 11:32:21
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi there,

I found the link to your angel's website from the Sands Forum. My little angel Cameron was born sleeping on 14th Dcember 2005 and it still hurts like crazy. I'd like to think that our angels now play nicely together in the beautiful gardens in heaven.

Your website is a lovely memorial for baby Thomas and it shows just how much you love and miss your little man.

My thoughts are with you all and for the little angel you treasure so much.

Take care

Keeley xxx

PS I have a website for my son if you wish to have a look.

From Debbie
Sent 28 March 2006 19:44:45
Subject Baby Thomas

My thoughts are with you. I lost my little baby boy 6 weeks and 4 days ago. He was 8 weeks old. I miss him terribly, just like I know you do your baby boy Thomas.


From Amy George
Sent 30 March 2006 22:35:31
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you for creating this site. It caught my eye, because I also have a son named Thomas. It made me cry to think of another situation so close to mine.

Our baby Thomas was born still on December 12, 2005. We miss him deeply. Your words echo the thoughts in my mind.

The poems and songs that you have collected are comforting.

Thank you, Amy George

From Sandie
Sent 31 March 2006 08:13:22
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so obvious how much Thomas is loved and missed. Thank you for sharing.

Love Sandie

From Sharon
Sent 31 March 2006 11:12:06
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you, for my tears and my smile. Ask your angel to hug mine.

Bright Blessings x

From Katie
Sent 02 April 2006 15:10:58
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful things to do. My eyes are filled with tears. All my thoughts go out to you and your family.

Take Care


***may all the angels be looking after you Thomas***

From Ally
Sent 02 April 2006 20:57:05
Subject Baby Thomas

I had a look on your website because I have seen your posts on the Mother & Baby website, I have to say its beautiful & Thomas has been done proud by you & your husband.

Sounds extremely corny but my nan used to tell me that we are all on loan to each other to touch lives in our own special way & that sometimes we are called upon to leave early, but that the love you share with a departed loved one will reunite you one day.

Congratulations on the birth of Milly,
I'm sure her big brother is watching over her xx

From Gerry
Sent 02 April 2006 21:40:12
Subject Baby Thomas

A very sad but beautifully written story.

My thoughts and prayers are with you both x

From Katiekoo (m&b site)
Sent 02 April 2006 21:41:56
Subject Baby Thomas

This site is really beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss.


From Amanda Wright
Sent 02 April 2006 23:25:55
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a lovely site Vicky. I'm so sorry for your loss, you are so brave to have made this site. I would never have had the heart to talk about a loss like you have.


Amanda Wright xxxxxx

From Nichola
Sent 02 April 2006 23:51:51
Subject Baby Thomas

Absolutely heartbreaking story. I admire u and you family for the things u have done to keep Thomas` memory alive.


From Wendy Bonella
Sent 07 April 2006 14:21:25
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky and Magnus,

I am so sorry for your losses, life can be so cruel. I have just lost my 5 month old son in December and the pain is unbearable, I know that all our babies are playing in heavens gardens until the day we can once again be together with them.

xxx big kisses to our angels xxx

Sent 11 April 2006 19:18:27
Subject Baby Thomas

In loving memory of your baby... I too lost my son Anthony on June 2nd 2005. Due to placenta abruption.

We love and miss all of them

From Stephanie Scamp
Sent 13 April 2006 20:06:48
Subject Baby Thomas

May you always play safely in gods

From Louise Martin
Sent 15 April 2006 20:42:02
Subject Baby Thomas

I lost my son almost a year ago at 40 wks gestation. Found your web site for Thomas beautiful.

From Sam Raddie
Sent 16 April 2006 07:29:25
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi, just a father who is missing his son Ciaran at this time of year.

Born asleep 01.05.05

From Joanne Drysdale
Sent 25 April 2006 08:14:43
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr and Mrs Dixon,

I myself suffered a stillbirth at 32 weeks and my husband and I were distraught to say the least, that happened 4 years ago on 29th dec 2001. Things are still difficult and we miss her dearly, we named her Erin. But she'll alawys be with us.

Never forget your precious little bundle, he will live on in your hearts forever and hold every memory dear. The dark days will soon pass, wish you both well and hope you once again find happiness.

From Maria
Sent 25 April 2006 23:30:10
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a beatiful and very emotional letter. We never know what the future will hold - we must cherish the present no matter how much we look forward to the future.

Love, Maria

From Amy Anderson
Sent 27 April 2006 20:57:06
Subject Baby Thomas

What a wonderful website for baby Thomas who left to soon just as my son Chris did (7 hrs),

In our hearts forever all our angel babies x x

From Sarah Harvey
Sent 28 April 2006 12:05:33
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky and Magnus,

I stumbled upon your website whilst browsing "Joshuas Boxes". I am sorry to learn that you lost your precious Thomas. I too lost my son Joshua on 11th March this year. He was born at 25 weeks 4 days, weighing 1lb 7oz he was doing well but sadly an infection got the better of him and he passed away in my arms aged 53 days.

At times I am filled with self pity but after reading your story I realise how lucky I was to have had the time to get to know my son and more importantly the opportunity to say goodbye to him.

Reading other peoples stories has helped me with my grief and to help me feel less alone. It is only seven weeks since Joshua passed away but the sun is slowly starting to shine through the clouds again. I visit the cemetry regularly and get comfort that all the babies and children are together. I like to think of them all as beautiful angels and brightly shining stars.

We are in the process of setting up Joshuas own website which will eventually be linked to "Joshuas Boxes". Writing things for the website has helped. I hope your pain eases and thank you once again for sharing your story.

Lots of love Sarah Harvey

Mummy to "baby" lost in miscarriage June 2005 and
Joshua lost to heaven 11th March 200

From Dan
Sent 02 May 2006 19:33:23
Subject Baby Thomas

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I hope this site brings you strength as it has done others...

From Liz Swain
Sent 06 May 2006 11:54:35
Subject Baby Thomas

Your site is beautiful and I thank you for having the strengh to create it - I lost Jazmine on 27.03.06 aged 5 months. My beautiful Jazzie Bubbles is with the angels.

I would like to send my love and sympathy to all who have lost their little ones. One day at a time - that's all we can do.

With Love Liz (Mummy) Alan (Daddy)
and big sister Ella Rose (aged 3) xxxxxxxxxx

From Toni Smith
Sent 06 May 2006 20:41:46
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi, No one should ever have to go through the pain of losing a child. Your story has touched my heart. I can't begin to understand the pain and heartache you have gone through. My thoughts are with you and your partner. Floaty kisses to angel baby Thomas.

Toni xx

From Hayley (Aug group site)
Sent 07 May 2006 10:19:47
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi hun, your site to your son baby Thomas is a dream. I bet he is proud of you both. He is so gorgeous as if he is to you he will be to others. Always watch over your mummy and daddy little guy and I hope your being good and playing with the other baby angels.

Lots of love from me.

From Dawn
Sent 07 May 2006 18:07:31
Subject Baby Thomas

Our thoughts are with you all xx

From Paula
Sent 08 May 2006 21:45:41
Subject Baby Thomas

Saw your website through Joshuas Boxes.

We lost our son, Cameron, almost exactly 2 years after you sadly lost Thomas. He had HLHS and had survived 3 open heart surgeries and other procedures and seemed to be doing well. He was 18 months & died suddenly on New Years Eve 2005. We miss him so much.

Your website is a lovely memorial.

Take care Paula

From LaTonia
Sent 10 May 2006 01:45:44
Subject Baby Thomas

What a wonderfull thing you have given to other Mommies who lost their babies. My best friend lost her second son and it always seems like such a taboo subject around other poeple, but talking about it was the only thing that got us through the rough times.

Thank you for sharing your sorrows with us. Your painting really touched my heart. It's as if each brush stroke was a thought or feeling and to look at it makes me overwhelmed with emotions. It is beautiful.

Blessings to you and your family.

From Jane (nanna to angel Kayden)
Sent 30 May 2006 15:23:27
Subject Baby Thomas

May the peace of God and the knowledge that your angel lives on be with you always.

From Aishya
Sent 31 May 2006 19:08:17
Subject Baby Thomas

That story touched me more than I could imagine. Thomas will always be in my thoughts.

From Katrina Hartley
Sent 02 June 2006 20:15:39
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi, as you know by now we are both in the same boat so we know what each has gone through. This site is beautiful and I just cannot stay away. You have provided a countless number of poems which have sometimes had me sobbing and reaching for the tissues while at the same time, have been tremendously comforting. Some I've seen before but it seems to be the ones I haven't read that have had me sobbing.

Little Milly is a stunning little girl and we are both so lucky to have gone on and had another baby, whilst never replacing, forgetting and loving the child we have lost before. We must cherish each and every single day we have with our children as we know all too well, life is certainly far too short.

This site is a credit to you and one which will never leave my 'favourites'. I will come back and talk to you very soon.

Katrina xx

From Chelle Shaftoe
Sent 05 June 2006 19:06:11
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi Hun It's Chelle, from Vertellech. I have read your page and I honestly don't know what to say. As a mum to a toddler myself, I can not even begin to imagine the heartache you have been through.

Big hugs to you and your family and you must be very proud of Milly. I hope she brings you joy and happiness in every sense of the word

x x x x x

From Jessie Goodall
Sent 11 June 2006 05:03:20
Subject Baby Thomas

God Bless you & your children.

Thank you for such a beautiful webpage - what a wonderful tribute.

From Julie Fifer
Sent 13 June 2006 09:14:32
Subject Baby Thomas

I stumbled across your website. Your website is a beautiful tribute to Thomas who is obviously very much loved and missed.

I lost my son Jake in July 2005 just wanted to let you know i'm thinking of you.

From Pippa Birch
Sent 13 June 2006 10:49:02
Subject Baby Thomas

What a lovely lovely site. I am so sorry for the loss of your Thomas - I know how much it hurts, my Dylan was stillborn at 38 weeks on 14th March 2006.

Websites like this are such a lovely way of keeping our memories alive - you have spurred me on to creating one for Dylan xxx

From Katrina
Sent 13 June 2006 14:23:39
Subject Baby Thomas

Hello, It is a beautiful tribute site to your son. You can feel your love for him in the words you have written. I hope all is well with your family (as well as it can be) and that Thomas's sister brings you the joy you so deserve.

Love to you and your family xxx

From Bekky Hall
Sent 15 June 2006 15:30:59
Subject Baby Thomas

15/06/06 after losing my baby at 18 weeks gestation on 09/06/06 I just wish to say a huge thank you to you some of the poems and verses fit exactly how i'm feeling at the minute, I've printed the ones I like best to show family and friends so hopefully they will understand better how i'm feeling. Once again.

Thank you so much for this wonderful site xxx

From Donna
Sent 17 June 2006 02:00:41
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a wonderful gesture to remember your angel. I, too, have a angel who is heaven with Thomas. Her name is Sarah Allison who became an angel on April 27, 2006. I sure hope they have already met one another.

From Christine Harmer
Sent 20 June 2006 12:41:16
Subject Baby Thomas

Love is endless. Even when life is not. You and your patner are brave people and times like this will only make you stronger.

From Andrea
Sent 20 June 2006 22:24:14
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm 9 years old. I've experienced the same thing - My cousin Aiden died after he was born he didn't live a day. I feel so sorry for you. My heart is for you & your family.

From Chloe Chambers
Sent 26 June 2006 19:39:41
Subject Baby Thomas

My Nana had a stillborn baby before she had my mum. We visit it in the cemetry.

From Nicola
Sent 27 June 2006 11:42:22
Subject Baby Thomas

I came to see a poem called little snowdrop. But there are so many other lovely words here I shall have to return when I have more time. My son, named Thomas was 2 on May 25th and is the light of my life, I know each day how lucky I am to have such a gift.

My heart goes out to anyone who loses a baby, I have had an ectopic at 5 1/2 weeks, early but still time to know you are pregnant and look forward to that baby. I named my baby Hope which is what she gave me for the future, having discovered problems whilst scanning for her. She was not meant for this earth and only came to me to get her wings, I know she watches over me and Thomas always.

I hope life brings you happiness, and that you can feel baby Thomas close to you. xxx

From Jenny Howlett
Sent 28 June 2006 16:33:12
Subject Baby Thomas

I have just found this site and want to say it is beautiful. I lost my son Edward at 22wks gestation on 8th Jan 2005, he had hypoplastic left heart syndrome. I have since been blessed with a daughter, Molly (4th nov 05).

Hugs to you and your family xx

From Paula
Sent 29 June 2006 23:03:18
Subject Baby Thomas

I found your site through Joshuas site. We lost our precious Cameron on New Years eve 2005 to HLHS. He was 18 months old.

Your website is lovely, a great tribute to Thomas. We have set up a site for Cameron, feel free to have a look and see some pics of our Little Angel.

Take care

Paula x

From Kim
Sent 02 July 2006 15:20:13
Subject Baby Thomas

Hello, I am so sorry for the loss of you little one. Your website is truly beautiful and I know that your baby Thomas would be very honoured. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Please visit my grandson Elliot's website, he passed away on the 5.2.2006

God Bless

Luv Kim
Tasmania, Australia

From Sandie Rutherford
Sent 10 July 2006 10:54:48
Subject Baby Thomas

Words seem inadequate to express what is in my heart when faced with the overwhelming sadness at the loss of a child. I stumbled upon your site while looking for inspiration for words of comfort for the parents of my beautiful grandaughter who died almost full term on the 6 July 2006, her funeral service is tomorrow.

I will return to your site at a later date. Thank you so much. I don't have the words at the moment.

God bless you.

From Stacey John
Sent 11 July 2006 08:39:26
Subject Baby Thomas

So sorry to hear of your loss. I went into early labour with my twins Oliver and Dylan at 20 weeks and I miss them dearly. So glad you now have a sister for baby Thomas.

From Anne Reid
Sent 05 August 2006 20:02:03
Subject Baby Thomas

We have recently had the heartbreak of losing our long awaited grandson - in the twenty first/second week of our daughter-in-law's pregnancy. The poignant poems and words have been such a comfort - thank you and bless you! 

From r
Sent 28 August 2006 08:08:32
Subject Baby Thomas

Four years for him we waited. Four years we prayed for a pregnancy. One hour of joy. I even fed my baby boy. But then God took him back. Four years of suffering repayed by an hour of joy. Five weeks ago we held him. We loved him. We kissed him. We lost him...

From natalie
Sent 05 September 2006 03:23:25
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for your losses .. but I am so happy to see you got a beautiful wee girl in the end .. I lost my daughter three weeks ago on the 14th August 2006 at 20 weeks due to premature labour and the midwife not believing the pain I was in ... 



Sent 09 September 2006 22:14:38
Subject Baby Thomas

What a wonderful & beautiful site in honour of your precious boy.

My friend miscarried her darling baby yesterday at 7 weeks. I have been searching for a site that I could reccommend in the hope that it could bring her & her husband some comfort at this devasting time and I've found it!

As a mother myself I found the poems heartbreaking to read and I think you are truly remarkable in creating such a beautiful tribute to Thomas, the little boy who touched your heart and stays by your side.

Love Trudy x 

From Robyn Faire
Sent 11 September 2006 06:02:00
Subject Baby Thomas

I have a grandson named Teina and he will be two in Nov 2006. The odd thing is he often says Thoma'th Dix'thon'. It took me by surprise that he said it so often at such a young age, so I decided to look up the name on the internet to see what I'd come up with and was drawn to your site.


Kymberley winsor

Sent 16 September 2006 14:51:07
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I lost Caitlyn at 16 weeks of pregnancy due to anecephaly in 2002 and Dylan in 2006 due to severe type 2 osteogenisis imperfecta.

The pain never goes and I can't wait to get past 16 weeks of pregnancy! 



Sent 18 September 2006 13:05:56
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi, I have just spent ages looking through your site for baby Thomas. He must be so proud of you. It is a perfect site for him. I am sat here with tears streaming down my face as the site has touched me so much,

Huge hugs and thoughts for you and your family and floaty angel kisses for Thomas and your other little angels xxx 

From Jim Dobson
Sent 26 September 2006 10:49:07
Subject Baby Thomas

I liked your site!

From Shona McDonald
Sent 03 October 2006 15:40:09
Subject Baby Thomas

What a lovely and beautiful tribute to Thomas you have made. Your son must be so proud of you.

I lost a baby also, she was three days old when she went with the angels. I only wish that I could create such a loving and personal tribute for my daughter as you have your son.

Loving prayers and best wishes, Shona. 

From Kristen Cunningham
Sent 07 November 2006 00:33:31
Subject Baby Thomas

Your website is so beautiful. What a wonderful way to honor your son Thomas.

My son, Anderson, was stillborn at 35 weeks on October 7, 2006. It is comforting to know I am not alone.

From Lorraine
Sent 11 November 2006 10:11:54
Subject Baby Thomas
I too lost a baby at ten weeks but my sorrow turned to joy as I went onward to have her twin baby boy born 5/4/95

Sent 16 November 2006 10:49:13
Subject Baby Thomas


after reading your story I felt that I wanted to leave a message. I'm a mother of two children and although I have not lost a child in the same way you have I have lost one through my own choice (abortion) which to this day I still regret deeply, however I have lost a sibling and although the pain is nowhere near to yours I'm still having trouble coming to terms with her death at 12 days old - that was 27 years ago how I miss her deeply, no one will ever know. So I'm sorry to have left this message, but I felt it was somewhere that I could think out loud. I really am sorry for intruding on such a precious story.

Best wishes Julie x

From Karen
Sent 24 November 2006 12:34:22
Subject Baby Thomas

My baby robbie was born asleep 19.10.2006 at 29 weeks weighing 1 pound 11 ounces due 31.12.2006 This Christmas is going to be very hard knowing what I was expecting.

He had a massive brain haemorrhage, and in a coma for 4 weeks, I kept telling the midwifes that he had not moved for 4 weeks but they didnt listen. I ended up with a blood clot on my lung and still have it, and I can't try again for 6 months due to medication for clot. All I keep thinking is why me? and what did I do to deserve this?

Karen xxxxxx
p.s. I love and miss you Robbie.

From Xiaoning
Sent 27 November 2006 12:42:33
Subject Baby Thomas
I am a 26 year-old mother from China living in Paris, I read your story and feel really sorry for what happened to you. I can't say that I fully udnerstand what you have been through but I did cry, but then I smiled when I saw Milly Ingrid, she is absolutely adorable. I wish you all the best for the coming Chrismas and New year and all the best for all!
From Tammy Markland
Sent 27 November 2006 18:06:36
Subject Baby Thomas
Vicky & Magnus;

Your tribute to baby angel Thomas was fiiled with emotion - so nice of you to share. Every word I read brought more tears.

On May 11th, 2006, my older brother and his wife lost their angel Logan at 37 weeks. We have all been struggling to try to understand how they have been feeling, and your tribute helped so very much.

A heartfelt Thank You!!

From Stacey
Sent 28 November 2006 15:57:09
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm sat in tears wondering what to write, I had so much to write at the beginning now I'm a blubbering mess.

My cousin just lost a baby boy he was born at 25wks weighed 1lb15oz and measured just 8cm he lived for 9days. I've been searching for something comforting to write for her and came across this site.

Thank you for helping me find comforting words at such a time of great grief, I'm sure Thomas is spending many days playing with his new little sister and knows how much Mummy and Daddy love him and always will.

Take care of yourselves and each other xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

From Gillian Curtis
Sent 28 November 2006 19:03:52
Subject Baby Thomas
Thank you for sharing your story and Congratulations on the birth of your next child. I am only 3 weeks into a similar story of the loss of our son Cory William Curtis 9 nov 06. I had a very mild impact car accident, baby was moving so I continued with my day as a midwife. I got home and had a listen in to my babies heart and heard movement but not much else. Continued with the afternoon and after one more try and only hearing a slow heartbeat that could have been mine I decided to call my midwife and get a monitering done.

After 35 minutes of no heartbeat we went to Waikato Hospital (Hamilton NZ) to have that same devastating scan. As a midwife I already knew and all my friends and staff members had to be the ones to tell me. We tried to labour ourselves for 3 days but in the end we had to be induced which thankfully only took 4 hours as I already have had a baby 8 years earlier.

We did get to hold Cory, take photos take him to a birth centre for the night, get a PM performed the next day and still have him home with us for 3 days for family to get to know him before farewelling him at a lovely service. After cremation we had him placed in lovely urn that was then put into the back of a zip up teddy bear. He is now a very cuddly reminder and has provided many hours of comfort to both myself, husband and 8 yr old daughter who insisted he come to her ballet recital and this was completely acceptable as he was just a cuddly teddy.

Our daughter was also present at the birth which really has helped her healing and acceptance. She is very proud of her wee brother this also helping with our grief. I am now back at work with babies and although tiring so soon after the birth it is of great comfort.

Thanks again for your story.

Gillian Curtis New Zealand

From Stacey crosbie
Sent 28 November 2006 23:06:37
Subject Baby Thomas
It's a lovely website that u have done for ur gorg lil boy. I'm so soz for ur loss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent 29 November 2006 18:29:15
Subject Baby Thomas
I'm so sorry for your loss babe. Your little Thomas was too precious for this world and God had bigger plans for him May his beautiful soul R.I.P and may his spirit always b with u all xxxxxxxxxxx
From Karen
Sent 01 December 2006 09:18:12
Subject Baby Thomas
I played this song at my sons funeral who was born asleep 19.10.2006.

Celine Dion

Fly Fly Little Wing,
fly beyond imagining,
the softest cloud,
the whitest dove,
upon the wind of Heavens love,
past the planets and the stars,
leave this lonely world of ours,
escape the sorrow and the pain
and fly again.

Fly fly precious one,
your endless journey has begun,
take your gentle happiness,
far to beautiful for this,
cross over to the other shore,
there is peace forevermore,
but hold this memory bittersweet,
until we meet.

Fly fly do not fear,
don't waste a breath,
don't shed a tear,
your heart is pure,
your sole is free,
be on your way,
don't wait for me,
above the universe you'll climb,
on beyond the hands of time,
the moon will rise,
the sun will set,
but I won't forget.

Fly fly litlle wing,
fly were only angels sing,
fly away the time is right,
go now, find the light.

Dedicated to my baby boy Robbie

From Nova Adams
Sent 12 December 2006 14:55:53
Subject Baby Thomas
You sound like a lovely person and I am so sorry about Thomas. I to have an angel in heaven. Morgan was born at 21 weeks gestation on Oct.28,2006. We can find comfort knowing that our angels are not alone. Thomas and Morgan are in the arms of Jesus.
From Jennie Seed
Sent 16 December 2006 14:18:35
Subject Baby Thomas
My son George James Emburey was stillborn at 24 weeks on 30th December 2005 . This year would have been his first birthday, my thoughts are with you , I know what you are going through. Keep smiling

From Kellee
Sent 18 December 2006 00:42:01
Subject Baby Thomas
What a wonderful memorial and tribute to your son. We sympathise greatly with your loss, and wish you continued healing and happiness.
From Marla Conlin
Sent 27 December 2006 16:15:09
Subject Baby Thomas
I am so sorry for your losses. I am inspired though that life does go on, your daughter is a blessing and what a blessing your son Thomas will always be to her.

My niece was born still 11-14-06. Your story gives us hope that someday things will get better.

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February 23rd 2003 'Baby D' - Miscarraige 10 weeks pregnant

Thomas - January 1st 2004 8:31am - Born Still (31 1/4 wks)

"Fly, fly little wing - Fly beyond imagining"

Pregnant Again: Due - 4th November 2004....
'Please let us take this one home with us'

Miscarriage - Lost twin - 31st March 2004 at 9 weeks

~ Milly Ingrid Dixon ~

Born on the 16th November 2004, 3:43am - 8lbs 12ozs

A beautiful baby sister for Thomas!

~ Robert George Dixon ~

Born on the 18th March 2008 - 7lbs 15ozs