From Fay Rowland
Sent  28 July 2005 18:58:55
Subject Baby Thomas

What can I say - my heart aches with your heart. I too have lost a baby Thomas. My son, my precious one was still-born two weeks ago today. I found your site while looking for a coffin for my baby.

My story was much the same as yours, except that I was already in labour. I sat in the hospital watching other Mothers recording their babies' many kicks, and realised that that wasn't happening with me. Many dopplers, many scans, no heartbeat. Two hours later Thomas Edward was delivered. Perfect in every way, just not breathing.

We will hold our babies in heaven. Perhaps we'll see each other there and compare brands of nappies!

From  Lindsay Frend
Sent  28 July 2005 10:51:38
Subject Baby Thomas

I stumbled upon Thomas' site by accident, but have spent the last hour looking at it. The poems are beautiful, and I think this is a wonderful way to remember a very special little boy.

He was lucky to have you as his Mummy. God bless xx

From  Justina Fitzgerald
Sent  27 July 2005 04:25:12
Subject Baby Thomas

Thomas' web page is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story with others. Reading these web pages has been therapy for me. I too just lost a child and during my research I came across the memorial wall and have found Thomas.

Thomas and the other Angels have helped me in that I have created a page for our Abigail (Abbie). It is a nice way to continue to care for the Angel we could not take home.

From  Natalie
Sent  16 August 2005 19:36:18
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you so much for sharing Baby Thomas' story with us all. On 7th July 05 at 12.01pm i lost my beautiful baby boy, Rhys, who was still-born at 38 weeks, due to the cord being round his neck. He was perfect in every way, I just wish he got to meet all his family that loved him dearly.

It has really helped and comforted me to see such an amazing tribute to Baby Thomas, and has made me see that unfortunately I am not the only person who has been through this tragic situation. For something like this to happen after such a perfect pregnancy has totally ripped my heart out and left a gigantic hole.

It saddens me that so many other people have been through and are going through exactly the same thing. Six weeks on, and I still ask myself every day - 'why me? why did this happen to me?' I dream about where i would be now with baby Rhys. About what he looked like with his eyes open. About what he sounded like when he cried. About what would have been his favourite toy...but these things will always be unanswered, and the thought of that just pains my heart so much.

The tribute that you have made to Baby Thomas is so beautiful and I am sure that Thomas is looking down on his Mummy & Daddy thinking how proud he is of them. I only wish that I could be so strong as you to create a beautiful place such as this, where Rhys' friends and family can pay tribute to him, but I don't know if I am strong enough at the moment to do so.

Losing a baby has to be one of the hardest and cruelest things that could happen in life. If it doesn't tear two people apart it only makes them stronger.

My love and thoughts are with you all who have suffered this pain.

Natalie x x

From  Barbara Johnston
Sent  14 August 2005 17:48:16
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so sorry for the loss of your precious boy. Losing a child is the deepest and most unbearable pain a person can endure.

Thank you for visiting my daughter Vanessa Lane's site and lighting the candle for her. I know you know how much it means to hear from people who have read about your child's life. I think when we parents who have lost a child can connect like this, our children in heaven connect also.

Now Thomas and Vanessa are angel friends.

Barbara Johnston

From  Rachel Burt
Sent  13 August 2005 08:49:31
Subject Baby Thomas

Wow, thank you for sharing your beautiful Thomas with us:) I really love your special treasure box with all his goodies in, just lovely!

God Bless you all.....and specially your little Milly (I also have a little girl Milly born 24th Nov 2004)

Love Rachel (NZ)xx

From Em Gates
Sent 10 August 2005 14:48:17
Subject Baby Thomas

What a wonderful memorial to your beautiful little boy, my heart goes out to you and your family.xx

From Iain Burdis
Sent 21 August 2005 00:13:52
Subject Baby Thomas

I stumbled across your site whilst searching for the words to a favourite poem. I leave the site in floods of tears, yet inspired that you have been able to articulate your love for Thomas so well. Thank you so much for sharing your personal grief in such a public way.

Bless you.
Love Iain.

From  Jenn
Sent  24 August 2005 02:34:38
Subject Baby Thomas

I just happened to "stumble" upon your website. Actually, I am sure that it happened for a reason. I am 29 years old and my husband and I are blessed with three beautiful boys: Tristan is 7, Nolan is 5, and Logan is 3 1/2. When I was 5, I lost my little brother at the age of 1. I think of him daily still to this day.

It is amazing how much I remember of him and I was only 5!! He passed away from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and I have been thinking of writing a book about my "experience". Amazingly enough, I have felt drawn to do this.

Your website is so moving, so beautiful. I spent two hours just reading your journal entries. Crying, smiling. So many emotions. I am so happy for you and your husband for the birth of your beautiful daughter - but also know that my heart longs for you both at the loss of your son, and your friend to breast cancer.

Our hearts will mend, but their memory will always live on.
Thank you!!

From  Jane Whitehead
Sent  29 August 2005 21:02:46
Subject Baby Thomas

We lost our little boy Thomas, January 17th 1999, not a day goes by when he is not with me, he was born sleeping at 22 weeks and weighed just under a pound.

M y heart goes out to you on the loss of your little boy Thomas.

From  Charlotte Ingram
Sent  02 September 2005 12:18:39
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful and loving tribute to your beloved Thomas. I found your site through Joshua's. Fiona has been such a good friend to me as I know you have been to her. What tragic circumstances draw us together.

You are in my thoughts.

From Lauren & Stacey
Sent  08 September 2005 14:10:44
Subject Baby Thomas

We are really sorry about your loss. You have touched so many hearts by doing this website. We think it's brilliant.

With love Loz n Stace

From  Rachel .L. .L
Sent  09 September 2005 02:08:35
Subject Baby Thomas

Though I never knew him nor know you, You have my deepest sympathies. Though I am happy to hear about your little girl Milly, may her smile light up your lives.

Sent  13 September 2005 01:45:17
Subject Baby Thomas

This makes me speechless :) Very well done!

From  Kia Morgan
Sent  13 September 2005 22:44:03
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky,

I have written to you before and just wanted to tell you every so often I still go through your website. It's a comfort to me, glad to hear your little girl is doing well. You are very blessed with her. We are still in hope ourselves.

I've started up a website too will add some pictures over the next few days.

Take care and god bless

From  Amanda Field
Sent  16 September 2005 18:25:53
Subject Baby Thomas

He his shining brightly with my Angel Amy In the clouds..

From  Ann Gamble
Sent  16 September 2005 22:36:37
Subject Baby Thomas

Lovely tribute to wee Thomas. I know you will always love and miss him I to lost a special angel 6 years ago at 40 weeks, wee Jordan was stillborn. To know him was to love him you were gone before we knew and only god knows why.

Lots of love Ann xxxxxxxxx

From  Jo Hood
Sent  18 September 2005 08:28:29
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr and Mrs Dixon,

Thankyou for creating this inspirational and beautiful website in memory of your precious little boy. My husband and I lost our litttle boy, Oliver, on 27th July 2005. He was still born at 38 weeks.

The way you described the emotions and feelings following Thomas's death are so close to how I have been feeling and it is so comforting to know that you have been there too and are working through it every day.

It is so wonderful that you have gone on to have another little girl and I hope more than I can say that Tom and I blessed with another child. Losing a baby is unbearable but people like you, who take the time to create such brilliant sites, help ease the pain a little.

Thank you so much. Today will be a little better for reading about Thomas.

Lots of Love Jo xx

From  Caroline
Sent  22 September 2005 14:14:03
Subject Baby Thomas

I came across your website about little Thomas. Even though I never met you, God bless you and I hope you are a happy bunny and at peace.

From Tanny Appleton
Sent 04 October 2005 23:29:03
Subject Baby Thomas

Can you please make a poem for Freddie Appleton? He was born 2nd of April 2005 (stillborn), he was my grandson. I, like my son, are having such a difficult time coming to terms with this loss. My son has just recently had to split from Freddies mum, as she is not coming to terms with her loss either. I held Freddie when he was born and I can't understand at all. I know something went wrong, but what? A poem in Freddies memory may help us all. please try.

God Bless You.

From  Ashley Geddes
Sent  06 October 2005 18:53:54
Subject Baby Thomas

I was very moved by this website. It is a wonderful tribute to your son. As a mother myself I cannot even begin to contemplate what you must have gone through. you are very courageous. Congratulations on your lovely daughter.

From  Janice
Sent  07 October 2005 21:00:08
Subject Baby Thomas

Just seeing how many messages are in your guest book shows how sadly common our situation is.

Our baby James died at 38 weeks in January 2003, the day before his c-section was booked for. We have since had a daughter Katie and she has really made us smile again.

Thank you for sharing your story,

Love from Janice, UK

From  Misti
Sent  09 October 2005 03:14:26
Subject Baby Thomas


Your website is truly beautiful in Loving memory of your angel, You visited my angels website, Alariona Danielle Smith who was stillborn June 16th, 2003 @ 3:30 am. I know the lost, empty feeling inside that oh so many have felt but no one ever knows how you truly feel, God has blessed me with a new baby boy who just turned 13 1/2 months. And he is truly my world,

May God bless you and Keep you!
Love Misti

From Tina
Sent  09 October 2005 11:07:18
Subject Baby Thomas

I just want to send you giant hugs. No one understands this as well as another mommy that has suffered a stillbirth.

Just remember that Thomas knows how much you love him & is wrapping you in his angel wings every single day.

From Angel Quin
Sent  10 October 2005 08:55:31
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Victoria,

I am so very sorry for the loss of your of your precious angel Baby Thomas & Baby D. You have made a lovely website for them both, and I am sure that they are looking down on you with so much pride too.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit to my granddaughter's website ariannahs-cloud. Hope to see you back soon.

God bless.
Sincerely, Angel Quin

From  Sharron King
Sent  15 October 2005 14:09:52
Subject Baby Thomas

Your website has really moved me, funny how you can cry over something or someone you have never met. I have had four miscarriages in the last two years, previously having two healthy boys, I had a nephew that died of cot death at 3 months & I am now pregnant with my third child, so it's the waiting game again. Not sure how things will turn out, but fingers crossed, I really feel for you, I can only imagine the pain you went through & no child can replace one you have lost but it certainly helps to heal some of the pain you have endure.

I wish you the best of luck & I am glad that you strong enough to share your story with others.....sharron x x

From  Michelle
Sent 17 October 2005 10:27:45
Subject Baby Thomas

You have been through so much, sorry for the loss of little Thomas. You have such a gorgeous daughter, all the best for the future to the 3 of you.

With love
Michelle and my 4 children Mathew (16) Hayley (14) Bradley (8) Millie (3) WEST YORKSHIRE

From Julie Bayliss
Sent 18 October 2005 13:03:17
Subject Baby Thomas

A beautiful site for a precious little boy. Huge kisses to all Our Angels.

From Jackie
Sent 18 October 2005 22:41:42
Subject Baby Thomas

I have also lost a baby boy (twin) at 35wks. The pain is so great. I feel a sense of loss. I don't think my life will ever be the same. You are not alone. Your loss is great and it's felt.

Thank you for sharing you story with us. My prayers are with you and your husband.

God Bless you,
Jackie Hogan

From Kelly
Sent 19 October 2005 21:14:42
Subject Baby Thomas

You have a very beautiful website which has moved me to tears. My son, also named Thomas, although we were planning to call him Tommy, was stillborn three months ago.

It is comforting to know that other people realise what my partner and I are going through, although I wish that this would never happen to anybody.

Thank you.

From  Cherie
Sent  21 October 2005 22:32:28
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi Vicky and Magnus,

I am so sorry to hear about your loss of baby Thomas. He will be very proud of the website you have created for him, it is a real tribute.

I lost Jack's twin in May 2002 and Jack in November 2002. Jack was stillborn at 36 weeks on 7th November. I miss him so much but I was lucky enough to have had photographs taken as soon as he was born and right up to his funeral.

We have been blessed with a daughter since and I never cease to be amazed and uplifted by her, please God she is with us to stay. She is now 14 months old. I am sure that you too feel this when you look at Milly. Often I look at her while imagining what Jack would have been like, we will never know while on this earth.

You have found a really special way to keep Thomas's memory alive and it is inspiring. I hope that I can finally do something fitting for Jack as it approaches his 3rd birthday. Time does help, as does another baby but the memories will still reduce you to tears on special occassions. I am glad of it as I wouldn't want to think he mattered less as he gets older.

I hope you find that the great support you have received continues and that you will always keep up this remarkable web site.

God bless

From  Manders
Sent  23 October 2005 16:00:32
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi Victoria,

Thankyou so much for sharing your story at H.A.N.D, I am so happy you shared it with us. I am sorry for your pain but happy for your blessings.

Manders xxxxxxxxxx

From Mummy
Sent  23 October 2005 22:17:32
Subject Baby Thomas

Thomas, Just wanted you to know that I love you dearly and that you will always be in my heart.

Love you to the moon...........and back!

Mummy xXx

From Jennifer
Sent  24 October 2005 14:26:21
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry about Thomas, I know that pain all that well.

From  Cindy
Sent  29 October 2005 16:27:45
Subject Baby Thomas


Thank you so much for lighting a candle for my sweet nephew Blake!! That means so much to our family! I am so sorry for your loss. Know that I am here for you if you ever need to talk or want a shoulder to cry on! Bless your heart!!

God Bless, Cindy

From  Claire
Sent  30 October 2005 21:47:19
Subject Baby Thomas

We lost our little girl 25th October 2005, stillborn. The pain won't go away, it hurts so very much.

From Sharon Adams
Sent  01 November 2005 19:09:04
Subject Baby Thomas

What a lovely site to a special little boy. My son was born asleep too and the pain will lessen but the memories remain of the wonderfull 31 weeks that I carried him.

God Bless you both and your family, I am sure Thomas is watching you all from Heaven.

From Sharon
Sent  04 November 2005 09:46:17
Subject Baby Thomas

So sorry for your loss, a lovely site, My Thomas was born alseep in 1992. God bless you all

From  Jodie
Sent  09 November 2005 12:44:33
Subject Baby Thomas

Congrats about Milly. She'll be one soon. I have recently lost my son Charlie at 37 weeks. Trying for another. You have been through so much so glad to see you've come though the other side. x x x

From  Kerry
Sent  14 November 2005 17:14:45
Subject Baby Thomas

I will think of you this Xmas & New year coming up


From  Leann Rowley
Sent  19 November 2005 14:05:09
Subject Baby Thomas

What a lovely site in memory of your precious son Thomas. Me and my husband lost our baby girl "Ellie May" in April this year. I too was 31 wks and 5 days, it was my second pregnancy and from the start I knew something was wrong.

It has been very hard but I think it's easier when you share your pain and realise your not alone, it's especially nice to share it with other Mums because our husbands are great but only a mother knows how it feels to carry and lose a child!

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter, a very happy ending to a tragic tale.

Take care xx

From  Hana
Sent  20 November 2005 10:50:12
Subject Baby Thomas

The poem you had read out at Thomas's service called 'For Thomas' is beautiful, the hospital gave me a copy and I also adapted it for Emma's funeral.

God bless you both and your darling Thomas, what a lovely name xx

From  Lisa Knapman-Smith
Sent  21 November 2005 23:02:35
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful site in memory of a precious angel.

From Riette - another angels mom
Sent 23 November 2005 18:28:10
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a beautiful way to keep you're little angels memory alive. It's really inspiring.

My little boy died 2 days after birth (26 weeks prem), I will never recover from this loss, but in a way it is comforting to know he is not alone up there, they are all together playing in Heaven's nursery.

God Bless

From Ingrid Smart
Sent  27 November 2005 22:41:45
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr and Mrs Dixon, Very touched by your website. I am at present helping to prepare for the funeral of a friends baby who battled epilepsy since birth. He would have been 1 next month. My friends twin sister has also lost a baby at 5 months gestation. Sometimes life just seems to have no rhyme or reason but I guess that that is what life's message is in the end.

Thank you and take care.

From Rebecca Caldwell
Sent  29 November 2005 00:09:53
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful tribute to your dear Thomas and little one. Sweet dream's little angels that you are xx

From Donna Wyatt
Sent  01 December 2005 14:26:21
Subject Baby Thomas

To a special little boy. The other angels babies will watch over you and now my child is with you.

See you all soon lots of love xxx

From Helen Lee
Sent  02 December 2005 20:50:57
Subject Baby Thomas

God Bless and keep him in his care. You have some wonderful poems and art.

From Tammy Tobac
Sent 05 December 2005 19:40:49
Subject Baby Thomas

Hello, You don't know me ... but I ran across Thomas' website while searching for my poem on the internet. I didn't have a clean copy. I am the author of "Little White Candle", which appears on your site (marked author unknown, but now you know me!) ;o)

I wrote it initially for my brother who died in 1990, originally and a TCF candlelight service. Now I also light a candle for my son Tanner, who was stillborn, full term. I had to write you after seeing that you at last had a child... Milly! And she is beautiful!! The site with her photos is amazing. You all look so happy and may God bless you for all of the days of your lives.

I felt compelled to write after noting that Milly & I share the same birthday... I felt a connection worthy of a hello and a blessing upon you all.

Peace & Blessings, Tammy

From Bianca
Sent  06 December 2005 15:50:37
Subject Baby Thomas

A beautiful site for a beautiful angel that had to go to Heaven too soon. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of yet another angel.

Love Bianca

Mummy of Kayleigh* Born sleeping 9th June 2002 @ 21+ 6
Yoran Born 1st May 2004 @ 30 + 2, now a happy 19 month old

From Debbie
Sent  09 December 2005 07:50:15
Subject Baby Thomas

I am from Sg and want to say your support to me has been so great and caring.. As I read your site about you little angel. I felt aches in my heart for your pain. I am sorry this happened.

I lost my baby at 16 weeks gestation and I did deliver her myself. They were able to tell me what she was and allowed me to name her. I named her Ashley Edith-Michelle Lopez. She is the love of my life. I never imagined such love till I carried her.

I did get to hold my baby and I also know her length and weight. They told me she was a big girl. I started to deliver her at home feet first on October 17, 2005. The hardest day of my life and continuing I hope your holiday goes okay and know you can email me or messenger me. We are both in SG together.

You have such a precious site. Debbie

From Amy Duncan
Sent 13 December 2005 15:22:38
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful site you have created for your precious son. I lost my son in May 2004. It has been a rough journey and my heart goes out to every mother and father who had to say goodbye too soon.

I am now the state director for Idaho and the National Stillbirth Society ( that is where I found your son's website.

Feel free to go to my son's website

God bless, Amy

From Lisa
Sent 10 December 2005 15:18:06
Subject Baby Thomas

I too miss my son, your story and memories of your beautiful boy touched my heart and I shed quite a few tears reading your pages. I too lost my son and as Christmas comes near I miss my baby more and more. This was to be my sons first christmas and it is as it draws closer my heart becomes heavier. Thank you for sharing your story and I pray that our hearts become less heavy as time goes on.

To all that have lost a child remember that your love will always be strong.

From Claire Bird
Sent 20 December 2005 21:50:39
Subject Baby Thomas

Firstly, let me pass on my condolences for your loss. This is such a beautiful site dedicated to a little angel. I have recently experienced my 3rd miscarriage. My little angels' (we named our baby Toni Ann - though didn't know whether boy or girl) heartbeat stopped beating at 8 weeks 5 days into my pregnancy. I was 11 weeks when I was told at my booking in scan. This was just on the 06/12/05. I miscarried on 09/12/05 after medical intervention. It seems so hard to grieve and to know how to feel. I keep telling myself that it happens for a reason.

My thoughts are with you over this difficult time.
Best Wishes Claire Bird & hubby Tony Bird xxx

From Gina Riley
Sent 23 December 2005 15:06:53
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful site. I came on to look after seeing your reply to my poem for my son Thomas (tomtom @ SANDS). Such a lovely memorial to a blessed little Angel. I lost Thomas at 31wks 6days on the 2.12.05 at 7.35am due to placental abruption. You have included some beautiful poems which have all reduced me to tears and I have copied one entitled A Fathers Grief which I plan to include in my husbands christmas card.

Thinking of you Gina x x x x

From Rebecca (Raven from SG)
Sent 26 December 2005 08:10:25
Subject Baby Thomas

Such a lovely site you have made in memory of your beautiful son. I am truely sorry for his loss.

Sweet dream's Thomas xxxx

From James,Marilyn and Genevieve Rose Mitchell
Sent  27 December 2005 05:35:21
Subject Baby Thomas

Thankyou so much for allowing our family the opportunity to post a memorial poem so we may keep our son Cabot Jame's memory alive. When others have forgotten, we shall never forget our baby son.

Your kindness in allowing grieving families, like ours to express their grief through poetry and art, is so critical in order that we may erase some of the pain that shall live with us for the rest of our lives.


From Millie
Sent  28 December 2005 20:06:43
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you so much for your letter. Our son Douglas was stillborn on 21st December 2005. I am just finding out about the support that is out there.

I know I shall find solace from Thomas's site again in the future,

February 23rd 2003 'Baby D' - Miscarraige 10 weeks pregnant

Thomas - January 1st 2004 8:31am - Born Still (31 1/4 wks)

"Fly, fly little wing - Fly beyond imagining"

Pregnant Again: Due - 4th November 2004....
'Please let us take this one home with us'

Miscarriage - Lost twin - 31st March 2004 at 9 weeks

~ Milly Ingrid Dixon ~

Born on the 16th November 2004, 3:43am - 8lbs 12ozs

A beautiful baby sister for Thomas!

~ Robert George Dixon ~

Born on the 18th March 2008 - 7lbs 15ozs