From Patsy Ross
Sent 17 February 2005 18:13:08
Subject Baby Thomas

I can't even begin to imagine the pain you must feel for the loss of your son as I have never suffered a loss.

I think it's a wonderful thing you have done for little Thomas by making this website as a tribute, reading your account of Thomas' short live brought many tears to me, I can't imagine how I would've of coped or gone on if this had happened to me and my little girl, it's wonderful that you can share your experiences.

Take care x

From Danielle
Sent 01 February 2005 21:57:50
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for your loss and want to thank you for creating this site. The poems you have included are beautiful and I know I will return here often.

Thanks Danielle

Riley (died aged 9 weeks)

From  Misha
Sent  07 February 2005 18:23:46
Subject Baby Thomas

For the loving parents of baby Thomas...

you are brave and strong. Thank you for acknowledging your son's life in such a beautiful way.

As a labor and delivery nurse (in the States) I have had the tragic honor of caring for stillborns, taking their pictures, and tenderly loving them in their briefness.

How I wish I could have been there for you, to help you memorialize your son through footprints and pictures...but you have forged through the additional loss of not having those things by creating this memorial so lovingly.

Maybe I will be able to do the same for my little Eric, born still Nov 30th, 2004. I was only 22 weeks, but I do have pictures.

Again, I commend you and have the utmost respect for the energy and love you have put into acknowledging your son's little life.



From  Catherine Hipwell
Sent  21 February 2005 00:52:02
Subject Baby Thomas

You have created a wondeful site in memory of your beautiful angel son Thomas. Thank You so much for sharing him with me. I am so sorry that you have suffered so much heartache.

My daughter Grace was born asleep June 30th 2004 and I miss her so much.

Take Care Love Catherine

x x x

Mummy to Grace Aine June 30th 2004 Forever in Mummy's heart

From  Patty
Sent  01 March 2005 02:02:01
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you very much for designing a site where families can find some solace.

From  Tania
Sent  04 March 2005 21:06:26
Subject Baby Thomas

I am sorry for the loss of your Thomas. I was sent the link to your web page by a support group. My angels are my little girl lost at 15 wks, and my darling Cole, stillborn at 28 wks. I haven't had a chance to read everything yet, but I definitely will, you have done an amazing job in remembering a precious little boy.

Take care, Tania

From  Nicole Robinson
Sent  06 March 2005 22:27:53
Subject Baby Thomas


Just to say I was very moved by your website dedicated to your son Thomas, my heart goes out to you and your family. My son Samuel was Sillborn on the 3rd of January 2002. I was 37 wks+ we found out on New Years Eve that he had died after a routine scan. I now have a 17 month old Daughter Ebony Chelsea but I never forget about Samuel and think about him all the time.

I believe your poem In a baby Castle was written by Doris Stokes Clairvoyant and Author after her son passed away. It was written in one of her books as the following:

In a baby castle just beyond my eye,
My baby plays with angel toys that money cannot buy.
Who am I to wish him back, into this world of strife?
No - play on my baby, you have eternal life.
At night when all is silent and sleep forsakes my eyes,
i'll here his tiny footsteps come running to my side.
His little hands caress me so tenderly and sweet,
i'll breathe a prayer and close my eyes and embrace him in my sleep.
Now I have a treasure that I rate above all other,
I have known true glory, I am still his mother.

I hope this helps.

From Anne
Sent  06 March 2005 19:13:46
Subject Baby Thomas

Dearest Vicky,

Not only have you created a beautiful memorial here for your baby boy Thomas - but you have touched so many others who visit your site. I have spent many hours reading all the poems and looking through your memory pages and others dedicated to Thomas' brief life.

I don't think that you realise what you have achieved here, you have brought healing to so many women and families who have lost thier babies. You have provided us with a place of solace - where we can be sure that you have understanding of how painful this journey is.

Thankyou, thankyou from the bottom of my heart for helping me find some peace.

Much Love



~ Mommy to Kayleigh - born still February 2005 @ 26 weeks ~

From Felicity Rogan
Sent 07 March 2005 17:39:46
Subject Baby Thomas
Thank you for such a beautiful website which I am still exploring. You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. We lost our little boy at 22 1/2 wks into the pregnancy in 1975. You live with it but you NEVER forget! I wrote the following words:

Soft and warm your little body felt
But you were not there
Moments alone with you we shared
Pouring out love and grief and disbelief
Oh, how we cared!

With all the joys of birth before and since
Nothing was more intense
Brought us so close as spending time with you.
Now that the three we have are grown
We're more knowingly aware

What might have been If you had stayed
and of the love that hangs in time
for one more child of ours.

And ... since then I have got very involved producing the Baby Book of Remembrance for the Warwick Hospital and in the last year have trained as a Pregnancy Crisis Counsellor for CARE Centres Network. My husband and I have been involved in organising Baby Remembrance Services where we have lived over the years as well.

I believe all that I have been able to do in this way is because of our little baby, Christopher Richard. He somehow 'gives me permission' to be involved and so I have been able to turn something so negative into something positive for others, always keeping him present in some way, his memory alive. Now I can Thank God for helping me to do that by allowing me to try to help others in the ways I have mentioned.

If there is any way I can help with what you are doing, I shall be scanning the website to see!

Felicity Rogan
From Sabrina Ross
Sent  07 March 2005 21:21:33
Subject Baby Thomas

Just wanted to share with you my support group link and my new Web Design Graphic shop for pregnancy loss as well as other things. Also I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good so far, Terrified but holding on ok..
Take care hope u are well.
Sabrinas Graphic Shoppe

Pregnancy Infant loss group

From  Jo O'loughlin
Sent  08 March 2005 22:22:18
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dixon

Your site is beautiful and a wonderful remembrance for your baby son, Thomas. I was able to find a suitable poem for some close friends who have just lost a baby girl, Madeline. She only lived a few hours and was such a longed for baby after several miscarriages. It just seems so unfair and makes me cherish my own children all the more.

Thank you again and keep up the good work. Your site must help a lot of people and is inspirational to others.

Love n sunshine Jo (UK) xxx

From  Christina collard
Sent  09 March 2005 18:54:41
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

I too lost a baby. What is different was I knew that my baby was ill but I didn't know how bad it was till he was born. I had him on the 16th Jan 2005 special delivery and I was so scared what was going to happened next until I hear him cry and then he was in so much pain and his heart stopped 3 times. The only way to stop him being in pain was to let him go, it was the most painful thing I have ever done. I named him Troy and he was 3 days old when he died. I love him so much. Now I am scared that if I have another baby, that baby may have the same illness that Troy had.

Christina collard

From  Jackie
Sent  11 March 2005 05:17:45
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

your courage and strength are amazing. I am so glad your faith has helped you get through such a devastating year. What a tremendous blessing your baby girl must be for you. May your faith and strength help others who have lost their children find their way.

Both of my children are with my husband and me. My daughter, Kyrie, is developmentally delayed without a medical diagnosis, and so far, my son appears perfectly normal. My spiritual healer and guide told me that Kyrie is a Far-away seed- this is her first time on earth. This means that she had a hard time learning to stay in the physical plane and was unsure if she wanted to stay or go home to Jesus. She has chosen to stay, and in her, I see the joy she brings to all that know her. I am told she will be a healer of children, and even though she doesn't talk or walk, I have seen her find the children who need healing and lay her hands upon them. I am sending you our thoughts of light and healing, and our prayers are with you.

Love, Jackie, Kyrie and Ryan

God Bless You All.
Kyrie - 3/31/02
Ryan- 10/25/04

From  Katy
Sent  17 March 2005 13:46:54
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi Darling,

Just been thinking about you and Thomas. Thinking about what you went through still makes me so awfully sad. You are such a strong wonderful person Vicky. I love you lots.

Miss you always.
Katy xx

From  eilidh Macintosh
Sent  14 March 2005 01:38:32
Subject Baby Thomas

Magnus and Vicky.

I was so sorry to hear about baby Thomas. Mum told me his funeral was so sad, but so lovely. She also says Milly is beautiful! Pete and I are expecting our first baby in July, and I can only imagine what you must have gone through.

Love Eilidh (Borland)

From  charlotte
Sent  25 March 2005 00:34:25
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful tribute to your baby boy...he must be looking down on you and being very proud of his mummy and daddy - I have lost 2 babies now and even though the 1st one went 3 yrs ago it still hurts me every day...xxxx

From  Jane wall
Sent  26 March 2005 15:24:40
Subject Baby Thomas

Edward Hunter Wall Stillborn on 12th January 2005

We miss you so much, life just doesn't seem fair at the moment forever in our hearts love you always

Mommy and Daddy XXX

From  Hannah
Sent  02 April 2005 15:05:58
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so very sorry to read about the loss of your darling son, Thomas. It must be terrible for you. Your website is a wonderful tribute to him - full of pride and love, which is how we all feel about our children.

I lost four babies to miscarriage, but cannot imagine what it must be like to lose a child towards the end of the pregnancy.

Wishing you blessings and happiness for the future. xxxx

From  sierra
Sent  18 April 2005 02:04:44
Subject Baby Thomas

Deeply touched by your story and poems, it'll be alright. xo

"God please have my guardian angel watch over me
and hold me close at night.
Have him whisper in my ear,
wipe my tears and make my world dissapear"

From  Rob Pomeroy
Sent  18 April 2005 16:03:42
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi folks.

Vicky knows who I am, having visited the website for our boys, and sent a message recently. I have tried reading some of your website, but I just find it far too poignant. Our boys have both survived so far, but we have had some extremely close calls.

I can't pretend to know how you feel, but we have had some very dark times, and I can truly sympathise. Your story is a profoundly sad one. I can only hope that you will receive some joyful compensation when you are reunited in heaven.

Great website by the way!

From  Milly Farrell
Sent  20 April 2005 10:54:29
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Dixon,

I want to let you know how sorry I am for your great loss. Thomas is a lucky baby to have such parents who will obviously always adore him. I think we have to believe that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones again and that keeps us going.

I too had a stillborn baby. Ava, my daughter was born on 13th Oct. 2004 at 35 weeks gestation. My circumstances sound exactly the same as yours and so I was wondering if you would let me know what results you got, if any, on the reasons Thomas died? I know what you mean when you say you feel as though you somehow let him down. I also feel guilt but I think the medical profession are the ones lacking here and not us. They are afterall supposed to be the experts. We had an autopsy conducted on the advice of doctors because Ava also looked perfect and they could not say what had happened. The results showed that my placenta had stopped feeding her about 3 weeks prior to birth. I also had a visit to my G.P. at 34 weeks and was greatly reassured by a very strong heartbeat. However he did say I was smaller than he would have expected.

If he had sent me for a scan at that stage there is a strong likelyhood that she would be alive today. I was told by my consultant that if I was to get pregnant again they would do scans weekly from approx. 30th week and would see if the placenta was about to fail. I wonder if your situation was the same, as I would like to campaign for more scans to be conducted on all expectant mothers so that this terrible pain can be prevented in some cases. I have been trying to find out how common this is and can't seem to get any info. on it. I'd love to hear from you.

Again my deepest condolences for your loss.

From  Iona Ross
Sent  20 April 2005 18:12:11
Subject Baby Thomas

I saw a message which you had posted on the M&B website which brought me here, I can't imagine what you went through, and still are going through, with the loss of your little boy. They are so precious. I have no doubts he will be looking down on you now knowing he was a special little boy who is loved even more each day.

Take Care & God Bless

From  Barbara
Sent  24 April 2005 14:47:07
Subject Baby Thomas

I enjoyed visiting your site. You have my sympathies on your loss. We lost our son Joaquin on September 1, 2001, at 39 weeks gestation. Just this week, I miscarried a baby for the fourth time. So my five children await me in heaven, and my daughter here on earth becomes a bigger miracle as I ponder how she was ever brought to birth and life! I found a poem on your site that I have been looking for since Joaquin's death...I'm happy to have it finally.

Peace to you.

From Kerry and Robert
Sent 27 April 2005 20:03:17
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr and Mrs Dixon,

I wish with all my heart that you get every wish that you both wish for, My deepest sympathy to the both of you and your families, Thomas will be so proud to have such loving parents. Again from the bottom of our hearts sorry life took life away from you. Take extra special care of each other.

Kerry and Rob m/c feb 17th 2004 and family

From  Rhonda Hatch
Sent  27 April 2005 20:21:51
Subject Baby Thomas

This is too weird to read this. I am a member of Silent Grief. You told me to look up your site for poetry for Jailyn's scrapbook. I haven't gotten that far yet because I was in shock, we found out the same day that we were pregnant (June 25th) and our due dates were the exact same. I lost Jailyn at 39 weeks. We think it was due to her having spina bifida but we are not sure yet. Thanks for telling me about your site! Hope all is well!!!!

From  Kerry
Sent  25 April 2005 18:32:37
Subject Baby Thomas

I visited your website last year when I lost my baby at just 12 weeks. It is hard to believe how quickly time passes, your website is such a lovely tribute to your precious little boy. It is now that we are trying again for a baby, but it is so hard wondering if the same is going to happen again. I think you have all been so brave!

All my love, kerry.xx

From  sophie adams
Sent  03 May 2005 19:57:04
Subject Baby Thomas

I miscarried in January 05 but now I feel my pain is so insignificant after reading your story, (I know this won't help your feeling of loss or stop you hurting) but I am truly sorry for your loss of little Thomas, I think I may understand a little of the false insecurity you were given by getting past the first trimester only to be dissapointed in the most cruelest way imaginable, and having the knowledge that babies younger than Thomas have been born and survived.

Here is a poem that you may take comfort in.

In a baby castle not far beyond my eye,
my baby plays with angel toys money cannot buy.
Who am I to wish you back into this world of strife,
play on my child you have eternal life.

I hope this poem gives you comfort like it did with me. Once again I am truly sorry.

Sophie adams and isobelle lili (whom I lost at 9 weeks)

From  charlotte
Sent  04 May 2005 14:49:50
Subject Baby Thomas

What a wonderful tribute to your little boy - I hope he has the fluffiest softest cloud to sleep on in heaven xxxx

From  Karen Tegtmeier
Sent  13 May 2005 00:58:34
Subject Baby Thomas

11-02-1980 my life forever changed, after 3 days of hard labor my first daughter Jennifer was born....still....10 lbs. 11 oz. 23 1 \ 2" so perfect, so beautiful...time has a way of making the hurt somehow less...but not gone, and it never will be...after all this time I have found more comfort than I ever imagined by finding these special families who have also suffered the loss of a baby...oh, how I wish I had photos and momentos of my precious baby..25 years ago the advise to a mother who lost a baby was to move on and Jenn is buried with my forever favorite people, my parents and strong sweetheart....your child would want you happy...I do have two other children 21 and 23 yrs...and will be a grandma in two weeks....

Bless you! Karen

From Samantha Hockley 
Sent 13 May 2005 15:35:49
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr & Mrs Dixon,

I found this tribute to Thomas when I as reading one of your postings on the mother and baby website. I hope you do not mind me visiting this tribute page. I think you are so brave and strong and Thomas is so lucky to have a mother and father like you. He would be so proud of you.

From  Debbie Sinclair
Sent  16 May 2005 10:20:30
Subject Baby Thomas

I have just read your website and was truly touched by how beauthiful it is. I to lost a baby on New Years Day 2004 to Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Sophie's funeral was on 9th January too and as I read your website I feel as though I could of written it myself.

I fell pregnant soon after and gave birth to beautiful Poppy on 22nd November 2004 weighing 8lb 15oz. After reading about Thomas I somehow feel closer to you, sounds silly doesn't it?

Keep remembering Thomas as I will Sophie. Love to you all

From  Mo & Mark
Sent  19 May 2005 16:00:40
Subject Baby Thomas


I was saddened to read your story, what a beautiful site you've created. We lost our baby boy last year, Peter, 17.04.04 @ 25 weeks. It's only 1 year on and we still have our good and bad days - believe me !!

I hope our special boys are friends in heaven.

Take care, love Mo xxx

From  Helena
Sent  22 May 2005 09:44:25
Subject Baby Thomas

I looked at your site and it was lovely, I lost a baby girl in January at 5 mths pregnant and know what you are going through, keep your chin up and know that Thomas is always with you.

From  Robert Dixon
Sent  25 May 2005 03:12:52
Subject Baby Thomas

I am a decendent of Thomas Dixon the American author! I just happened on your site and it touched me very much. I had a uncle Thomas Dixon Jr. And my Grandfather was Thomas Dixon! Aside from all the lie's you read about Thomas the author, he was a great American and better yet a Amazing person.

From Lisa Edwards
Sent  26 May 2005 13:21:58
Subject Baby Thomas

I have just read your beautiful story which was just what I needed to help me release months of grief I had been carrying for my baby which I miscarried at 10 weeks. It seems so pointless that we should have to go through these things in life and hurt so much and I'm sure I will never know why these things happen, I certainly can't seem to make sense of it.

I hope that you are drawing some comfort from the fact that your family are in so many peoples thoughts and hearts, thankyou so much for sharing your experience.

I'm thinking of you all, with love to baby Thomas, Lisa. xx

From  Sara
Sent  27 May 2005 01:11:02
Subject Baby Thomas

Your website for your baby boy, Thomas, is just beautiful. My daughter, Brenna Lynn, was stillborn 5 years ago this past Monday (May 23rd) at 36 wks..we believe from a nuchal cord, or compression of the cord, or perhaps both. It still hurts very much, but she makes me smile a lot with her little signs she gives me through little feathers I find in the oddest places to things my kids say to me that are just beyond what they should be saying...I believe it's Brenna whispering in their ears or something. :)

I had another little girl 18 mos after losing Brenna and she was my saving grace. She was very healing and a gift from Brenna. I also have a 7 year old and am newly pregnant due 1/17/06...and I thought it would be easier this time, but so far, I'm already very nervous and scared. I guess we just get through it. I haven't kept up with Brenna's website and yours is just beautiful.

Bless you and congrats on your little Milly, who must be 6 mos? Hugs Sara

From  Rowena perez
Sent 27 May 2005 19:49:58
Subject Baby Thomas

Came upon your web site by chance. Just want to say how lovely it is, tears have rolled down my cheeks while I have been reading it. So many things I can relate to, we lost a baby, Roberto through different circumstances. I just wanted you to know you are all in our thoughts especially Thomas.


From  Andy and Sarah
Sent  28 May 2005 20:50:49
Subject Baby Thomas

Your site is a real testament to the son you so tragically lost. We lost our son on 24th April 2005, he was 40 weeks and a few days and he died in labour. He was born with no heartbeat and died 1 hour 10 minutes later.

We are trying to get through the days as best we can, and find stories about other people in similar situations very helpful and supportive.

Thoughts and prayers to you, we love and miss our son so much, as you so clearly love and miss yours.

Best wishes, Andy, Sarah and our beautiful Jacob.

From  Caroline Randle
Sent  29 May 2005 20:37:53
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky and Magnus

I have just found baby Thomas website and wanted you to know what a great comfort it has been to read the poems you have posted. They are beautiful. We lost our little boy Dylan Steven, 6 weeks ago. He was stillborn on 18th April 2005 at 38 weeks. I read the poem beginning "in a baby castle" at his funeral.

People keep telling us how strong we are being, but it's not easy. We are heartbroken. But we know that Dylan is safe with God in Heaven with all the other little angels who were taken too soon.

Thank you again, I am sure what you hav01 June 2005 10:32:35 e done in creating this memorial to Thomas has comforted countless others like us.

Caroline Randle

From Lorraine Crawford
Sent 01 June 2005 10:32:35
Subject Baby Thomas

Just wanted to say that this is a lovely page in memory of your wee boy, Thomas. I lost my son on 10/06/03, I was 19 weeks and 5 days pregnant, we were on holiday in Cyprus at the time. I was not allowed to see or hold Connor, all I have is my scan picture. But that was three years ago, and although you never forget, it does get easier.

Just remember, Heaven needs angels too and God only takes the best!!

Take care, Lorraine xx

From Rachelle
Sent  02 June 2005 19:20:09
Subject Baby Thomas

You have a very nice memorial page for baby Thomas. I am sorry for your losses. I too have recently had a loss.

From  Catherine Harvey
Sent  08 June 2005 20:24:13
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a m/c at 8 weeks. Your angel is playing up in Heaven with my angel.

From  Alison Tooley
Sent  08 June 2005 15:51:48
Subject Baby Thomas

I too have lost a beautiful baby boy at 33 weeks gestation due to maternal diabetes on October 13, 2003. I just wanted to let you know that our babies are playing together.

Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers

From  Carolina Sunada
Sent  07 June 2005 16:20:33
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful memorial to you son. I lost my precious little one on Decemeber 16th, 2004. He was stillborn at 35 weeks 5 days gestation due to a cord accident. We are heart broken by having to say good-bye much too soon to our boy, but are comforted in knowing that he is with so many angels and never far from his mom and dad.

Bless you and your angel, Thomas. Love, Carolina

From  Zillbaby
Sent  03 June 2005 19:13:26
Subject Baby Thomas


I love to see the picture and the story of your precious son Thomas, I been there too, 4yrs ago this November and there is things I would have love to have done better..

In my thoughts.. zill xx

From  Donna Cameron
Sent  03 June 2005 08:07:53
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr and Mrs Dixon,

I am so very sorry for your Loss of Little Thomas, he was so perfect in every way. You and Your Husband have made his Memorial website truly from the Heart, and thank you so much for sharing your Story with us. I too know the heartache of Losing a Child...I lost My Daughter Brooke on the 10th of August 2004...that day has changed my Life forever.

Take Care. Donna

From  Marie Spagnuolo
Sent  20 June 2005 04:36:51
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious angel Thomas ( that is my husband's name ). I will pray for God to help you both heal.

Sincerely, Marie Spagnuolo

From Johnnie B
Sent  19 June 2005 03:10:11
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

I know there are no words that I can say to ease your pain. But I can say that my thoughts and prayers are with you, and that my heart goes out to the both of you. GOD LOVES YOU. Just keep holding onto God's unchanging hands.

God Bless you, Johnnie B.

From Colleen Murtagh
Sent  23 June 2005 00:12:11
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi ... What a lovely site you have .. Baby Thomas i'm sure is sooo proud of you to have as his Mother! and i'm sure he's looking down on you!

Love Colleen xxxx

From  Jennifer Greyling
Sent  23 June 2005 12:03:55
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you SO much for sharing Thomas with me. Thank you for sharing your story and experiences with everyone. It helps me to know that everything I am going through is normal.

I gave birth to my twin daughters on May 11, 2005 at 22 weeks. Lydia Marie, my first born was still born as she died in my birth canal on the way out and Ella Ruth, my second born went to join her sister in Heaven an hour after birth.

Thank you so much for sharing!!

From  Laura Thoel (bounty)
Sent  23 June 2005 10:22:07
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so so sorry about the loss of your son. The website is just beautiful and I'm sure he will be so proud xx

From  Kimberly
Sent  25 June 2005 02:15:10
Subject Baby Thomas

It will be a year tomorrow that we have lost our twin babies. It was our first pregnancy. We still have no answers about what went wrong. Doctors says: "It just happens sometimes...", that's not good enough... You always think this happens to "others"... We became "others" on June 25th, on the day of my 27th birthday...

It doesn't get easier with time... I still have a lot of pain and difficulty dealing with our loss... We didn't get to see our babies either but the ultrasound tech did say that there was two of them... I sympathize with you... i'm truly sorry for what happened to you and I would not want anybody have to bury their children... It is one of life's hardest thing to do.

Sincerely, Kim

From Jo
Sent 30 June 2005 20:56:56
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky,

I came across your web site because you were kind enough to offer condolences to my daughter on her web site. Your site is a wonderful tribute to baby Thomas. So sorry for your loss.

Jo Sam's Gram

From  Patsy Parsons
Sent  01 July 2005 22:45:02
Subject Baby Thomas
Sweet Baby Thomas, sleep tight angel. I lost my daughter on the 6th April 2005 and I still can't believe this has happened to us. I am thinking of you all.

big X's sent to Thomas up above
From  Todd, Kelly, & Lydia Blum
Sent 01 July 2005 01:04:17
Subject Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas we're sending BUCKETS full of hugs and kisses to you today on your 18 month birth date! We think of you often and you're forever close in our hearts.

From  Natasha Jones
Sent  07 July 2005 09:34:13
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry you lost your Thomas. My mum's sister lost two twin girls two days after they were born.

From  Petra Walsh
Sent 13 July 2005 10:02:42
Subject Baby Thomas

I Just wanted to let you know how much comfort I have gained from reading your story. My husband and I have recently lost our first child, a beautiful baby boy we named Owen, who was stillborn at 41 weeks, at the beginning of June.

Whilst I wouldn't wish this experience on anybody, it is comforting to know that others have been through this and have found the strength to smile again. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your website is a testament to your love for Thomas.

Petra x

From  Anonymous
Sent 13 July 2005 11:28:55
Subject Baby Thomas

Absolutely heartwrenching to read your site. I have recently had my second miscarriage this year, both were at 11-12 weeks and each time I just wanted to curl up and die and never thought I would be able to face life again. Coming to terms with the loss of your precious Thomas must be unimaginably hard. I wish you and your family all the very best xx

From Caz from Minehead, England 
Sent 15 July 2005 09:23:56
Subject Baby Thomas

I wanted to let you know just how much this site has helped me this morning. My husband and I lost our daughter last week. I was 27 weeks pregnant and we were told that our baby had died. I had to go through labour knowing that she was already gone. I gave birth to her on July 7th 05 at 10.32am. We named her Freya Raine Boulter and she weighed just 14.5 oz. I thought about creating a site dedicated to her so that our friends and family could visit it but I wasn't sure if that would be morbid.

Your site has helped me so much, thank you.

From Jennifer Moore
Sent 24 July 2005 03:22:48
Subject Baby Thomas

I read your story and was very touched, I lost my daughter during the last week of my pregnancy.

I hope the best for you and your family

From Rebecca Sheffield
Sent  01 August 2005 09:53:19
Subject Baby Thomas
I lost my little boy on the 10/06/05. Your website has made me cry and smile no one but us special Mummys and Daddys will ever know how we feel .



February 23rd 2003 'Baby D' - Miscarraige 10 weeks pregnant

Thomas - January 1st 2004 8:31am - Born Still (31 1/4 wks)

"Fly, fly little wing - Fly beyond imagining"

Pregnant Again: Due - 4th November 2004....
'Please let us take this one home with us'

Miscarriage - Lost twin - 31st March 2004 at 9 weeks

~ Milly Ingrid Dixon ~

Born on the 16th November 2004, 3:43am - 8lbs 12ozs

A beautiful baby sister for Thomas!

~ Robert George Dixon ~

Born on the 18th March 2008 - 7lbs 15ozs