From Candi Schroeder
Sent 21 April 2004 04:22:02
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

My heart goes out to you and your husband. My husband and I know what you are going through. We lost our 4th child, Memphis, to stillbirth. He was going to be a little brother that our other 3 children were waiting for so long. He was born at 36 weeks and weighed 3lbs. 1oz. We had a wonderful nurse who took pictures for us and I am sorry you and your husband never got to have that. I am also very sorry that neither one of you got to hold your little angel. You and your husband is in our thoughts and prayers.

Candi Schroeder Lima, Ohio, USA

From Debi Hancock
Sent 21 April 2004 13:11:55
Subject Baby Thomas

Your web site is beautiful! I sat and cried as I explored the page. I can understand your grief, my husband and I gave birth to our first baby on March 17, 2004 and she was stillborn. Lauren Ashley was her name and she was beautiful. I was 36 weeks pregnant. I have found comfort in your web page. The poem's and sayings are exceptional. I have used several of them in Lauren's scrapbook. The links you provide are helpful. Thank you for all your hard work ~ I know it must have been healing for you but you are also providing help for others.

My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue on in life.

Debi & Billy Hancock Atlanta, Georgia

From Joanie Wolchesky
Sent 22 April 2004 15:26:23
Subject Baby Thomas


I think this site is a wonderful place for the parents who have lost precious child. I am so glad I found it.

Thank you again,

Joanie Wolchesky

From Candi Schroeder
Sent 23 April 2004 15:30:03
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky & Magnus,

I was on Thomas's site again today and I thought I would leave a message. We have started a website for Memphis and I thought maybe you would like to visit. I am going to leave his web address at the bottom of this and maybe other grieving parents will know that they are not alone. Memphis has only been gone for 2 weeks and 1 day and I already feel stronger and better since we started his website. Please e-mail me anytime that you would like to talk or even if you need a shoulder to cry on.

You are in our thoughts and prayers always.

Lots of Love and Angel Hugs,

Candi Schroeder

~i~ Mommy of Memphis ~i~

From Darlene
Sent 25 April 2004 21:14:30
Subject Baby Thomas

May God bless and keep you and your family safe.

God bless you.

From Diane
Sent 25 April 2004 21:48:52
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful site this is, I am in awe. I am so sorry that you don't have your sweet boy in your arms it is a pain I know to well.

My heart goes out to you,


From Mandi Schimek
Sent 26 April 2004 15:25:12
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry about losing Thomas. I know it is hard. Thomas's webpage is beautiful and is sweet. Thank you for sharing your story with me.

From Tammy Knueve
Sent 26 April 2004 21:45:20
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. My nephew was lost on April 8, 2004. He was so beautiful and such a blessing even for the very short time he was in this world. Although he never drew a breath of air, he has forever changed my life and I will miss him always. I'm sure you feel just as blessed for your precious baby Thomas.

From Kacie
Sent 26 April 2004 21:50:53
Subject Baby Thomas

Oh how I wish baby Thomas Dixon were here with you today.... I am so sorry that he was stillborn with no answers as to why. My heart goes out to you and your husband, as I know from experience that this has not been an easy journey so far.

My son Chandler died at birth due to Anencephaly on 12/18/96. There is no greater love then the love a mother has for her children. May Thomas's spirit continue to soar within and around you always.

Love and Healing,


From Annette
Sent 29 April 2004 22:24:25
Subject Baby Thomas

A lovely memorial for your precious Thomas.You can see so much love has gone into the making of this. Your Angels are smiling down at you.

Big Hug to you and Magnus

Annette ( Netty from SG )

From Shady ~ Angel Skylier's Mommy
Sent 01 May 2004 04:23:17
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank You so much for this site... You have done such a beautiful job... You have made many happy by helping us to have a way to share our angels... THANKYOU...

I lost my baby girl to SIDS when she was 17 days old... You can visit her at

Thank you again...

((((HUGS)))) Love Shady ~ Angel Skylier's Mommy

From Stephanie
Sent 08 May 2004 02:49:17
Subject Baby Thomas

You have made such a beautiful website for your precious son, Thomas. I am so sorry for your loss, but I know that he is in your and for the rest of time...

From Shady ~ Angel Skylier's Mommy
Sent 10 May 2004 02:22:24
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank You for sharing your website with me ((((HUGS)))) I am so very sorry for your loss I wanted to wish you A Happy Mothers Day.. We will hold our angel's again ~ in Heaven ((((HUGS))))

Love Shady ~ Angel Skylier's Mommy

From Alison
Sent 10 May 2004 12:30:45
Subject Baby Thomas

Oh what a lovely memorial for you son. I am so sorry, but share your pain my son was stillborn at 40 weeks due to a placental abruption.

Thanks for sharing

From Michelle
Sent 10 May 2004 15:27:24
Subject Baby Thomas

Sleep Well, Little Thomas and know you are so loved by your Mummy & Daddy.


From Candi
Sent 13 May 2004 22:59:12
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Vicky and Magnus,

I was thinking of both of you today and I thought I would visit Thomas's site and leave a message. I hope you are both doing well. I hope that the pain and the days that go by are getting easier for both of you, I know is for us. I see that Thomas's site is doing very well. We have had a lot of visitors on Memphis's website also.

Take care and e-mail me when you need a friend to talk to.

Lots of Love and Angel Hugs,

~i~ Mommy of Memphis ~i~

From Cynthia
Sent 13 May 2004 23:01:28
Subject Baby Thomas

I'ed like to say that you guys are very strong and I admire you!

From Andrea
Sent 14 May 2004 19:48:28
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

your site for baby Thomas is very nice. Thank you for visiting my sons site. I am very sorry to hear of your news. As it is still new to you I would be more than willing to talk with you as it has been 28 months since my son was born still. As I have learned, the best way to get through a tough time like this is to be around and talk to others who know what it is like.

My prayers are with you and may our boys play in heaven.

Much love and understanding


Below I have sent you a copy of a poem I wrote on a memorial sight for my son a sight which may help you also.

Daddy Daddy
don't cry for me
I'm right here
Don't you see.
The way you walk
The way you smile
It all portrays,
What I would be
don't cry for me
I'm right here
Don't you see.
Look in the mirror
Isn't that me?
Dark brown hair
Big blue eyes
That's what you
gave to me
don't cry for me
I'm happy here
No pain
No sorrow
I'll watch over you
With every tomorrow
Daddy please,
Don't be blue
For I will always Be
a part of you

From Joni
Sent 23 May 2004 17:54:34
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for the loss of your little boy. My daughter was taken from me far to early in April. She was born still, I too know the pain you are going through. May Thomas give you the strength you need, when you can't find it within yourself.

God Bless you and your family.

From Kara USA
Sent 31 May 2004 06:32:51
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for the loss of Thomas.

I also had a loss of our twins Michael and Kaitlyn both stillborn April 20, 04 and April 22, 04. I cannot express how much your site has helped me.

Thank you for sharing your story with us and letting me know I am not the only one out there going through this...

From Melissa and Baby Maya (EDD8/21/04)
Sent 21 May 2004 20:26:20
Subject Baby Thomas

I somehow found your page and was so touched and saddened by you loss. I belong to a site called Pregnancy weekly, it' s not just for pregnant women, we have many wonderful forums of all different subjects including miscarriage loss and loss of babies. Please feel free to visit, my screen name is Psychicmommy2be (because of my clairvoyant gifts and abilities to channel with past on spirits)

I myself have lost 4 babies prior to my current pregnancy, so I empathize. Good luck to you and you every wish to talk you may email me @ -Melissa McCourt

From  Lori Jones
Sent  03 June 2004 14:51:47
Subject Baby Thomas

The tribute to Baby Thomas is awesome. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

From  carol
Sent  04 June 2004 09:42:21
Subject Baby Thomas

Hi Vicky.

I am very sorry to hear about Thomas. I lost my son, Nazarene 7 months ago but the pain is getting worst day by day. I stay in Malaysia and in my country, we don't actually discuss much about stillbirths. Will be glad if you could help me, as I am very depressed.

Thank you.

From  Gillian Lee
Sent  07 June 2004 20:15:42
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful way to remember your son, so short a time has gone by for you, my heart goes out to you. My son was stillborn 12 years ago now, but still i think of him every day. Time helps but never takes them away from you.

God bless you all x

From Michelle (~Gavin's~ mom from SHARE)
Sent 05 July 2004 18:08:31
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful memorial to your sweet Thomas!

From Kerry Jones
Sent 08 July 2004 20:18:12
Subject Baby Thomas

No words can describe how sorry I am for your loss. I myself have just suffered a 'silent' miscarriage, and this website shows so much love towards your little boy. Nothing will ever take away the pain that anyone feels at losing a baby, and your baby will always be kept alive in your memory and in everything that you do.

My thoughts are with you both.

Take care

From Deedra (share)
Sent 17 July 2004 13:54:59
Subject Baby Thomas

I am so sorry for the loss of your little Thomas. My baby, Selby James was 30 weeks when he was stillborn January 21, 03.

Only time can dim the pain.

From Laurie, SG
Sent 22 July 2004 01:46:25
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a gorgeous site and thank you for sharing it with us.

From Ashley (Kayden's Mommy @SG)
Sent 23 July 2004 15:44:44
Subject Baby Thomas

What a beautiful site to remember baby Thomas. Thank you for sharing his story. I am so sorry for your loss.

Your friend in Grief,


From Helen Martin
Sent 25 July 2004 12:36:02
Subject Baby Thomas


I post on 'Silent Grief' and just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your beautiful website.

Sending you lots of love and hugs.

Helen...northern_star SG xx

From Mrs. Elaine hacker
Sent 26 July 2004 02:48:40
Subject Baby Thomas

My friends have just lost their darling son on the 25th July aged 13 months, he was always smiling, to me he was a nephew. Just to say this is a beautiful site, why God has to take the life of a child I will never know.

From Tracy Frazier
Sent   28 July 2004 14:12:41
Subject Baby Thomas

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your website in memory of your son is beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to a very special angel.

My husband and I lost our precious daughter, Isabella Marie, on August 17, 2001. She was born still. Our hearts go out to you and our prayers are with you.

From  Stacey Deretich
Sent  31 July 2004 19:46:58
Subject Baby Thomas

This is a beautiful site for your son, I'm very glad I came across it. My heart goes out to you and your family.

From  Katherine Cox
Sent  01 August 2004 04:50:23
Subject Baby Thomas

I too am deeply saddened by our common losses. I also have the regret of not having more or better pictures of my Ethan. I send you hugs across the great ocean that separates us but in our hearts we are close as Mommies and Daddies of little angels.

From  Helen
Sent  01 August 2004 18:01:44
Subject Baby Thomas


this is a lovely site and a tribute to baby Thomas. He would be very proud. It is the first anniversary of my angel son Joseph's birth tomorrow and it means a lot that others know how I am feeling today.

Thinking of you all

From April Miller
Sent 04 August 2004 03:53:05
Subject Baby Thomas

Your baby's site is wonderful. I am so sorry for your loss. I know he is playing in Heaven with all the other angel baby's.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


From Panayota Tziavara
Sent 04 August 2004 09:43:12
Subject Baby Thomas

Baby Thomas,

Your Mother and Father love you so much. Please watch over all the little lost angels in Heaven where you rest peacefully in Gods arms.

From Leslie Wettermark (TiffyandEmmysMom @ SG)
Sent 08 August 2004 12:51:26
Subject Baby Thomas


You have made such a beautiful memorial for Thomas. Thank you for sharing his site with all of us. It is just precious sweetie. (((HUGS)))

Your friend in grief, Leslie

From Lyndsey Altice
Sent 09 August 2004 01:48:16
Subject Baby Thomas

I haven't lost a baby but I had to see my cousin go through it with loosing her twins. It was very painful. I hope I don't have to go through with that. They took picturess of them after they were born and I put them in my billfold just like the rest of the little one's pictures.

This site is wonderful. Good luck to you in your future. I hope you have a healthy new baby.

From Alicia Pichardo
Sent 09 August 2004 13:34:55
Subject Baby Thomas

May God bless you and guide you during this difficult journey. I met you from Silent Grief. We have both suffered a loss, as I lost my darling daughter Elena at 10 1/2 months old in January ' 04. I am so very sorry for you pain.

From Jen/Massachusetts-USA
Sent 11 August 2004 22:19:00
Subject Baby Thomas

So sorry to hear of your loss, I loved your letters and poems..

God Bless you all.

From  Alicia
Sent  22 August 2004 20:43:21
Subject Baby Thomas


Sometimes, while reading poems on the net, you and your husband come to mind. While going through everything in my baby book, I found something I haven’t seen for a long time, since I was nine years old. A friend of mine, who was also nine passed away, I just found his card from his funeral. I’m not sure if you've heard this poem before, but I thought of you when I read it over again. I thought you may like to post it for Thomas...

~ I'll Lend You My Child ~

"I'll lend you for a little time
a child of mine"
, He said ...
"For you to love the while he lives ...
and mourn for when he's dead.

It may be six or seven years,
or twenty-two and three,
But will you, till I call him back,
take care of him for me?

He'll bring his charms to gladden you.
And shall his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories
as solace for your grief.

I cannot promise he will stay,
since all from Earth return.
But there are lessons, taught down there,
I want this child to learn.

I've looked the wide world over
in search for teachers true,
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,
I have selected you.

Now, will you give him all your love,
nor think the labor in vain?
Nor hate me when I come to call
to take him back again?

I fancied that I heard you say ...
Dear Lord, it will be done!
For all the joy Your Child shall bring,
the risk of grief we'll run.

We'll shelter him with tenderness.
We'll love him while we may,
And for the happiness we've known
forever grateful stay.

But shall the angels call for him
much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes
and try to understand.

Author Unknown

From  Rosie Foster
Sent  23 August 2004 17:37:38
Subject Baby Thomas

I've read your messages on the 'babyworld - losing a baby forum' and thought how brave you are. It's still early days for me, but I'm getting stronger and taking comfort in the memories I have of Finley. This is a lovely website, which will offer a lot of comfort to women in our sad position.

Rosie xxx

From  Heidi
Sent  23 August 2004 19:21:17
Subject Baby Thomas

I cannot imagine the pain you and you husband have and still are going through, Thomas would be very proud of you both for this website.

I wish you the best hope and luck for the future. x

From Carol Duncan
Sent 29 August 2004 16:19:36
Subject Baby Thomas

To my dear friend. Thomas would be so proud of his parents if he'd gotten the chance. God bless your future son or daughter x

From Sarah
Sent 30 August 2004 20:14:26
Subject Baby Thomas

I’m sorry for you loss. I think you're very brave for telling people about Thomas. My son Dee-jay was stillborn at 24 weeks on 27 April 2004. He died from the cord getting round his neck. We had him buried I held him and we took nearly 100 photos of him. I think about him every day.

Take care luv Sarah x x

From Erin Olson
Sent 02 September 2004 15:13:51
Subject Baby Thomas

I am in tears now as I read baby Thomas' story. I am so sorry for your loss. I am also from Silent Grief.

From Chris Raymond
Sent 11 September 2004 17:54:08
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you for sharing your story, may you have a little friend in Heaven, our baby girl Samantha Lynn, still born on August 15, 2004. We miss her and love her more than words can say.

Always, Chris Raymond Mommy to Samantha Lynn ^i^

From Cristina Lobo
Sent 23 September 2004 11:37:47
Subject Baby Thomas

To Vicky,

my heart goes out to you. I am from SG; I do not post often. I live in Lisbon Portugal.

From Joy Dachs
Sent 01 October 2004 02:38:57
Subject Baby Thomas

Thank you for sharing your angel’s page with me. I appreciate the memorial wall. Thank you from all the parents of angels!

From Di (Princess275) SG
Sent 02 October 2004 10:13:18
Subject Baby Thomas

I’m so sorry for the loss of baby Thomas. You are in my thoughts. Your website is beautiful and I’m sure your angel is very proud of you both.

Love Di

From Caryn
Sent 06 October 2004 02:58:24
Subject Baby Thomas

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Dixon,

Thank you for your site. Our Jordan was born to heaven two years ago, when I was two months along. Walk in Grace and find the moments of shining peace when you can. Your site heals hearts and allows for the memories and allows us all to shed tears for our children.

Thank you too for sharing your dream on your site - many parents dream of their children and find solace in it, but are unable to share the dream with others. I once woke to the sound of jammied footsteps in my room, and barely woke to see my child lightly touch the cradle where he would have slept. It gave me such peace - your dream surely did the same.

Be strong, be weak, and feel it all for it is evidence that Thomas touched your life.

In Grace, Caryn

February 23rd 2003 'Baby D' - Miscarraige 10 weeks pregnant

Thomas - January 1st 2004 8:31am - Born Still (31 1/4 wks)

"Fly, fly little wing - Fly beyond imagining"

Pregnant Again: Due - 4th November 2004....
'Please let us take this one home with us'

Miscarriage - Lost twin - 31st March 2004 at 9 weeks

~ Milly Ingrid Dixon ~

Born on the 16th November 2004, 3:43am - 8lbs 12ozs

A beautiful baby sister for Thomas!

~ Robert George Dixon ~

Born on the 18th March 2008 - 7lbs 15ozs